Welcome to the Healing Portal

Welcome to Infannette’s Healing Portal.  Annette’s innate ability to tap into source during dance and healing sessions has awakened her to her mission.  That is to create this space for inspiring those who seek to be fully expressed and attuned to their Divine uniqueness, to live a life of passion, purpose and contribution to all.  Today, her experience in the arts, dance and healing has led her to create her own offerings to teach others how to tap into source and empower them to be the healer and psychic of their own life.
The most powerful flame on earth

Annette is a dancer, healer and artist of multiple mediums.  Her passion for the arts began early on as she watched her sister draw incredible lifelike portraits of people, animals and the human body.  Her healing journey began in her early 20’s when she discovered meditation, yoga and the healing arts.  In 2012 she studied transpersonal energy healing, was attuned to Reiki and in 2014 began her study of Access Consciousness™ which blew open a whole new possibility of being an empath in the world.

She has been an active practicioner of the healing arts ever since.  After seeing the powerful transformations that occured because of energy work, she has been compelled to share this truth in service to humanity.  It is her deepest joy to share her soul gifts with the world and inspire others to align with their highest purpose.